Jaimie Mullens
Jaimie Mullens
Art Director & Graphic Designer

Art Direction
Graphic Design


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  • On-site Art Direction

  • Shot-list and Storyboard Creation

  • Develop concepts for upcoming product launches

  • Collaborate on Product Education Campaigns,
    Size Guides and Travel Guides

  • E-commerce Design: E-mails, Google Banners and
    Product Features on the site 

  • Brand Promotion Design  

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Art Direction
Graphic Design
Package Design


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  • Develop Concepts for Upcoming Launches
  • Shot-list and Storyboard Creation
  • On-Site Art Direction
  • Coordinate Post-Production of Assets
  • Translate Final Concept across all Internal Channels
  • Collaborate on Package Design
  • Artwork/Custom Pattern Design for all Promo Sets
  • Creative Lead for Sephora In-Store
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Jaimie Mullens is an Art Director and Graphic Designer currently
living in Brooklyn, New York. 

"Good design is making something intelligible and memorable.
Great design is making something memorable and meaningful."
— Dieter Rams

EXPERTISE: Art Direction, 360 Campaigns, Package Design, Pattern
Design, In-Store Signage, Image Retouching and Brand Identity
PROGRAMS: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop
(working knowledge of AfterEffects)

Please reach out if you'd like to see any additional work or would
like to collaborate on a project.

Contact: jaimie.mullens@gmail.com